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Marsalla menu

Choose from our menu and let yourself be pampered with culinary delights, true to the motto: "Take the best from the world's cooking pots, combine it with a little tact, a pinch of courage to experiment & a large portion of creativity."



Italian tomato soup, with basil,
Leaf parsley & olive oil refined
garlic soup
garlic flavored with dill & lemon
Cream soup with parmesan & peppercorns
Fish fillet, mussels & prawns in one
White wine stock with vegetables and herbs


Cold Appetizers

Greek salad
Greek farmer's salad from
Lemon juice & olive oil
mariniert, mit Oregano, Peppers,
Oliven & Feta
Tuscan bread salad with fruity
Cherry tomatoes, cucumber,
Rocket & Buffalo Mozzarella

Artichokes da carmelo
Marinated chilli & garlic
Artichoke hearts with mustard dressing
Fetacremé & Tzatziki
Sheep cheese cream with chilli & dill,
with Greek cream yogurt
with garlic & cucumber
Bread fried in olive oil with
Diced tomatoes, garlic,
Cheese & basil
Fromaggi and mustard
Mediterranean cheese selection from goat cheese,
Parmigiano Reggiano & Gorgonzola
with sweet and hot grape jam
Ham with radiccio and goat cheese
South Tyrolean ham on radicchio,
Goat cheese & walnuts on a kumquat mustard vineagrette
with fresh thyme & pink berries
dried tomatoes, olives, peppers,
Grilled vegetables, artichoke, feta cream,
Ham & Parmesan
of lemon & parsley
marinated beef carpaccio,
with parmesan & olive oil
Vitello tonnato marsalla
Carpaccio grilled pink
Veal fillet with tuna cream,
Basilikum, Zitrone & Kapern
spicy marinated seafood salad
with fennel, lemon & orange
with rocket on Radicchio Rosso


warm starters

Shrimp with ajiollo
Shrimp from the tube, in one
sherry-refined brew,
with garlic, chilli, olives,
Laurel & Lemon
Lima beans
Giant beans Greek
Kind in tomato sauce & olive oil
baked with feta
Olives & hot peppers
fried in olive oil,
with grilled paprika,
Garlic & oregano
Aubergines and courgettes
grilled eggplant & zucchini
with oregano, dill,
Baked tomato and cheese
Baked feta
Sheep cheese baked in the oven,
with tomatoes, olives
Hot Pepper & Onion in
Garlic oil
Baked muschel
Mussels out of the oven
in a spicy sheep cheese sauce
refined with chilli & dill


Grill & oven specialties

Meatballs with peperonata
Grilled minced steak,
with bell pepper vegetables in balsamic vinegar,
mit Peperoni, Kapern,
Tomate, Knoblauch & Reis
Mediterranean vegetables
herb-flavored vegetables from
Lava stone grill, with olive oil,
Feta cream & bread
Schnitzel milan
with air-dried
Breaded ham & parmesan,
with rigatoni in tomato and basil sauce
Schnitzel Greece
Feta & onion stuffed
Pork schnitzel, on gratin
Herbal tomato, tzatziki &
baked lemon potatoes
Rabbits dell'arte toscana
Leg of rabbit marinated in buttermilk,
Fennel seeds & roasted garlic
on coriander carrots & gnocchis
Roman steak
Pork loin steak with
Pork belly & fried onions
Rigatoni with mushrooms & bay leaves
in juniper cream
Goat with potatoes
of olive oil & citrus juices
marinated goat, with
tomato, green olives and
Thyme polenta
Fillet with bacon
Pork filet wrapped in bacon
of baked potato talers and
Spinach leaves with feta cream
Chicken with goat cheese
Dijon mustard marinated poulard breast
from the lava stone, with stewed cucumbers
in cream, saffron potatoes & goat cheese
Tuscan Lammhaxe
from the oven, with Mediterranean
Vegetables & small potatoes in
Tomato sauce & olive oil
Saltimbocca alla romana

Veal escalope with ham & sage,
with porcini barley risotto & gratinated fennel
on warm radicchio cherry tomato salad

Entrecôte puttanesca
streaky beef steak from the grill,
with tomato and garlic sauce
with black olives,
Capers, chilli & spaghetti
Grillspieß el greco
Schweinefilet, Rinderlende & Gemüse
auf dem Lavastein gegrillt, mit
Tzatziki & Zitronen-Kartoffeln
Ossobuco alla Milanese
Veal leg slices in white wine,
Tomatoes, celery &
Braised onions with
Gremolata & Barley Risotto
Steak in red wine
grilled beef steak steak streaky,
a strong red wine jus,
Sage rice & fried mushrooms
Rumpsteak gorgonzola
Rump steak with Gorgonzola cream,
grilled zucchini & spaghetti with red pepper
Rumpsteak Corsica
Rump steak from the lava stone,
on a gratin of cheese
Tomato compote & rosemary potatoes
Grilled land and sea
Rump steak, pork tenderloin, salsiccia,
Scampis & swordfish from
Lava stone grill with grilled vegetables & lemon potatoes
Street fillets
grilled fillet steak from beef, on one
spicy tomato cream
with rice & paprika-mushroom-vegetables
Black beef & red pulpo
peppered beef sirloin with giant octopus
in olive oil with smoked
Paprika dust & grilled baby potatoes


Fish specialties & seafood

Cream frying pans
the taste of Crete,
small anchovies crispy in
Baked olive oil, with tzatziki & bread

Cozze al vino bianco o al pomodoro


Miesmuscheln in einer feinen
Weißwein oder Tomaten-Basilikumsoße
mit Knoblauch, Chili, Blattpetersilie & Olivenoel


Psitó kalamári


Kalmartube vom Lavastein, an gebackenem
Radicchio, Tzatziki, Zitrone, Olivenoel &
hausgemachtem Brot

Bagre frito con limón y ajo
Welsfilet & Garnele in Knoblauchbutter
mit Zitrone, roter Peperoni & Kräutermix gebraten
auf Crema de Polenta & Blattspinat
Salmone limoni e cipolla
Filet vom Lachs, auf geröstetem
Zitrone, Zwiebel, Fenchel, Thymian-
Potpourri, in Olivenoel & Reis
Filetti di tonno alla siracusana
medium gegrillter Loin vom Thunfisch,
an Auberginen-Paprika-Salsa, Orange,
Salzkapern & Tortelloni mit Kartoffel- Mohnfüllung
Royal dorade and verdure
ganze Goldbrasse vom Lavasteingrill,
an Tomaten, Zwiebeln, Zucchini und
Squids of Patagonia
Patagonian calamari in red wine
Braised butter sauce on saffron rice
with fried bell pepper, orange & almonds
Giant octopus from the lava stone grill,
on a potpourri of
Grilled vegetables in olive oil with dill & polenta
Scampis from the pan
Black Tiger Prawns in Olive Oil
fried, with garlic,
Chili & oregano refined, served with bread



Rigatoni and tuna in the Neapolitan style
with a spicy mixture
of tuna, capers, anchovies,
Garlic & olive oil with feta crumbs
Tortelloni with gorgonzola cream
hausgemachte Tortelloni, mit Aprikose verfeinerte
Kartoffel-Mohnfüllung in Gorgonzolasahne & Walnüssen,
an gebackenem Salbei in Butter
Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce
fruity ragout from
Tomatoes & minced meat
on spaghetti with parmesan
Spaghetti carbonara
on bacon, butter & egg yolk,
refined by leaf parsley, black
Pfefferschrot & Pecorino romano
Rigatoni with mushrooms and radicchio
Tube noodles with porcini mushrooms, dried
Tomatoes & hazelnuts, with radicchio,
roasted bacon & parmesan slicer
Spaghetti with tomato mussels
with mussels in a tomato
White wine sauce, garlic & chilli
Rigatoni with fennel sausage
in tomato-coriander sauce,
with intensely spicy Tuscan flavor
Bratwurst & freshly grated fennel
Black tagliatelle with squid
homemade black ribbon noodles,
of two kinds of squid in saffron oil
with orange, chili, thyme & garlic
Tagliatelle with prawns
homemade ribbon noodles
fried prawns,
Cherry tomatoes and rocket with parmesan slicer
Ravioli with salmon and cream
homemade ravioli filled by one
Mascarpone and salmone farce
in cream with spinach leaves & cubed salmon



Panna cotta and strawberries
finest Italian
Cream dessert of vanilla pod
& a nuance of lemon
refined, with strawberry puree
Mascarpone-Cremé mit
Marsala-Wein & Vanille,
Spoonbill soaked in espresso
Greek yogurt
original Greek cream yogurt
with walnuts & full-bodied forest honey
Lemon sorbet
refreshing lemon sorbet
on sugared red currants,
refined with mint & lemon curd
Orange basil panna
Cream cheese and cream dessert with
Orange & fresh basil on from
Refined olive oil
Blackberry and ginger ragout
Cremé catalan
Vanilla cream from lavender
perfumed, with cinnamon and caramel
Kumquats in Rosmari Cardamom Syrup
Classic or white truffle
Chocolate ice cream truffle with cocoa
or white ice cream truffle
with pieces of meringue

Pure chocolate and nuts
Chocolate tarts filled with nougat
& marzipan, with chili cape gooseberry,
Cacao Earth & Coconut


for our little gourmet

Potato speaker
crispy baked
with applesauce & cinnamon sugar
Tube noodles with fruity
Tomato sauce and cheese
Spaghetti carbonara
in a creamy egg yolk sauce
Refined ham and cheese
Spaghetti Bolognese
with a minced meat tomato sauce
Cherry tomatoes and cheese
Grill medallions
of pork fillet with tzatziki and
Mushroom Steak
small grilled pork steak with
Mushroom cream and rice
Salmon fillet strips with cherry tomatoes
and gnocchi in honey butter
with ham and cheese coating and
Tube noodles in tomato sauce
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